Hello, I am  Amrita. Writing has always been my hobby and I have plans to take this up as my profession. I believe that each of us are mostly defined by our thoughts. As it is said, Pen is mightier than sword, I feel giving voice to my thoughts in a public platform would help me to reach out to people and might take them to issues of awareness.  Often, we fail to express our heart and mind to people around us but it tends to become easier when we pen it down. Although, there are posts that I have published have nothing to do with the welfare of the society which I am trying to focus on but it depicts my feelings and also my thoughts in a time when I could hardly communicate myself with others.

Well… THANK YOU for being patient and reading till here. I hope my write ups in this platform helps people by providing food for thoughts and also making them aware about certain issues which really require significant attention in the recent world.